Simple Ways to Maintain and preserve bamboo

Although bamboo has worldwide and has its own advantages, but not everyone wants to use it as a building material. The treatment was not properly understood by many people. Though bamboo itself is very susceptible organisms, such as fungi, termites until powdered beetles. Researchers from the Centre for Research and Development of Settlements (PUSKIM) Bandung, Purwito said besides susceptible to fungi and insects, bamboo is also very vulnerable to water and fire, so it needs a separate treatment in the care and preservation.

Sophie Paris Expansion Products Home LivingCara Eliminate Mushrooms and moss in DindingBye-Bye kitchen BerantakanPerawatan are traditionally accustomed to using coconut pulp, used oil and used cooking oil, because it is waterproof and made of wood material or bamboo gets shinier, said SAA was a speaker in a series of workshops bamboo reconstruction Tapak Bumi Village held by IAI Banten, in Ciputat, South Tangerang, on Wednesday (07/11/2012). In addition, according to him, the resilience of bamboo not only in terms of treatment, it is also linked to the preservation. Our ancestors used to do preservation by immersing months at the pool. However, it is likely to damage the texture and color. Currently there are material borix borax and acid as a preservative bamboo. So, now you do not need to hesitate to use bamboo material in the construction of houses, said Purwito.

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