Tax Compliance Not Associated with amount

Minister of Finance (Finance) Sri Mulyani asserted that the state revenue from the tax side is not only dependent on taxpayer (WP) just great. Rather it depends on the compliance of tax payments from all walks of life.

Women who familiarly called Ani also said the level of compliance in paying taxes WP that there is no difference whether it is small or large WP. However, it will seek to continue to do profiling of large WP side.

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The ability to be in all the layers. For us it makes no difference because the culture of compliance does not distinguish between large and small. Of course we will do profiling of the greatest tax, he said at the DGT Office, Jakarta, Friday (30/09/2016).

Ani was hoped that the momentum tax amnesty is able to improve the culture of compliance on the WP itself. That is, able to accustom the public to report the tax.

Evaluation of course results achieved to this night giving encouragement to the whole range of tax to open on Saturday and Sunday, he said. (DNG)

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