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Can Prevent Cancer Every morning a lot of people who have a dilemma when it was at the dining table for breakfast. The dilemma is usually the case when people are asked to prefer to drink a cup of coffee or a cup of tea hangat.Jika you are still confused to choose both, you have to get ready to choose a third type of drink, the combination of coffee and teh.Sebuah new scientific breakthroughs unusual has been found. Researchers claimed that he had found the main beverage in the form of a tea made from the leaves of the coffee that is much healthier than either taken separately. The cofee leaf tea is said to have a flavor that is very simple. According to experts, less bitter taste of tea and not as strong as the coffee that comes out of these beverages offer a high level of chemical compounds that can reduce the risk of diabetes and disease jantung.Minuman also contain small amounts of caffeine and antioxidants and anti-inflamasi.Para expert believes that the beverage derived from the leaves of coffee so far been ignored by many people for fun using plant seeds, coffee beans, which is claimed to be more healthy. The attempt to import into the UK conducted in 1800 failed. However, there is evidence to suggest that coffee and tea leaf widely consumed in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Indonesia.Setelah performed an analysis of 23 different types of coffee plants and the researchers found many health benefits produced by species of the coffee plant. Now the researchers hope that the ‘Coffee Tea’ can compete with well-known coffee brands as well as brands of black tea and green tea in Inggris.Seorang botanist from Kew, Dr. Aaron Davies report in the Journal Annals of Botany there are seven types of coffee plants that contain high levels mangiferin. Mangiferin is a chemical that is normally found in mango, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as lowering cholesterol that can protect neurons in the brain and reduces the risk of leaf diabetes.Pada also found benefits can withstand high levels of antioxidants that can help fight heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In 1851 the people touting all about the quality that is in the tea, said Davies was quoted as saying Dailymail, Monday (01/14/2013) It is also tea can provide immediate relief from hunger and fatigue and is said to be refreshing. Although there are several types found to be drunk, added Davies.

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