This evidence Investors Eyeing ORI

Director General of Finance and Risk Management (DJPPR) Ministry of Finance Robert Pakpahan noted, until the end of 2015 the State Retail Bond enthusiasts always increase. Increased interest is always the case since it was first published in 2006.

During this time many institutional investors. Difficult for retail investors because of the amount should be large. With a three-year tenor, coupon, which was deemed necessary for the expansion of the domestic investor base, we also focus in this case of retail investors, he said at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Thursday (09/29/2016).

Coupons reason ORI Down Every TahunnyaIncar Rp20 Trillion of ORI 013, Government Dissemination at 39 KotaTerbitkan ORI 013, Government Targets Raup Rp20 Trillion

There Rp146,483 trillion until last year the issuance of ORI. Also shown is growing 17 thousand people every series. Many new investors in each series. There are about 214 151 people as of last year that have been purchased ORI, he explained.

However, most of this comes from the ORI enthusiasts Indonesia western region. To that end, the government plans to improve the dissemination to society in Indonesia the central and eastern parts.

If we see Rp68,86 trillion outstanding ORI. Publishing ORI even had time to grow four-fold compared to the previous first publishing on the second issuance, said Robert.

But geographically dominated by the western part of Indonesia in northwest of Jakarta, an average of 48.21 percent of the total investment of the investor. For central and eastern Indonesia 40.21 and 11.58 percent. That’s why we developed from 31 provinces so 34 provinces in 2015, he concluded.

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