This reason Uber fined Rp12 Billion

PARIS – Uber fined 800 thousand euros (about Rp12,02 billion) in France on Thursday, related services controversial UberPOP share a ride.
Uber UberPOP discontinue service in France in July due to the protests of the general taxi driver. UberPOP then banned in France.

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In the trial that ended on Thursday, Uber was charged with organizing illegal case of a system that makes the client associated with the transportation service provider for free.
CEO Thibaud Simphal UberPOP in France and director general of the company on the territory of Western Europe, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, each sentenced to a fine of 30 thousand euros (about Rp450,7 million) and 20 thousand euros (about 300 million). Half the amount of fines against Uber and two brass was suspended.
Uber lawyer said the company would immediately appeal.
Uber is also accused of making misleading advertising because it describes the service is legally valid.
AFP writes Uber is currently one of the most successful startup company with an estimated worth USD50 billion. Uber exist in more than 50 countries.

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