Tips Ceramic Confined Space at Home

The limited size of the room in your dwelling make your interior decorating will also be limited. So the need to sort out furniture or furniture that will be used.

Interior Designer IKEA Indonesia Indy Anindita share tips and tricks, preferably a small room or small building space using bright colors, such as white and yellow.

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I always made the recommendation that the furniture or interior bright colors, such as white for large cabinets, said Indy to Okezone some time ago.

Besides the aspect of color, Indy also suggested that the interior also use furniture that is easily stored and folded.

So it can make even more widely, including in the apartment that baseball is too large, for example, use a dining table which can be folded so he stuck to the wall if I am not used can be folded, he explained.

Indy added, multifunctional use of the goods can also make a narrow room became wider.

The rich sometimes there is also a sofa bed, which can be used so that the sofa again many guests, but can be a place to sleep as well, he added.

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