Tricks Exterminate Lumut on Block Paving

Paving block or conblock often become slick and mossy due to lack of sunlight and rain puddles Adaiah impermeable perfect. So that water does not stagnate, installation of paving blocks should be made slightly tilted so that water can flow smoothly into the channel air.Sementara, to overcome the obstruction of sunlight, the trees are too shady around the block paving needs to be trimmed. Typically, paving block which is directly under the shady trees potentially overgrown by moss. To eliminate lumutnya, the following trick.

10 Step Exterminate Bau in RumahJangan underestimate Goat Meat, Garage Sale Prices Could Drop AndaHOT PROPERTY Uses Wood for Interior and Exterior RumahDikutip of books Easy Solution to Overcome Home Repairing Damage Houses by Tim Griya Creations, Sunday (09/28/2014) there are some tools and the ingredients you need to prepare in advance. Such as, tool tree trimmers, brush, fungicides, cement, and water. Actually, in anticipation of the growth of moss is that you have to do is give way to sun illuminated paving blocks. Can be done by cutting or reducing tree too rimbun.Namun, if already mossy, you can eradicate the moss by spraying fungicide liquids. Alternatively, you can also moisten with a sprinkling of cement bubuk.Tapi, if you want to save costs, simply by using limestone building, scatter over the paving blocks that have been soaked in water. Do it this way in bright sunlight.

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