Troubled Mandiri ATM Services?

Service cash withdrawal PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) was impaired. Mandiri customers who try to make transactions at ATM machines were forced to bite the finger, because the transaction is always gagal.Seperti Fanie example, one Mandiri customers have acknowledged the disruption kala want to make a deal. According to him, when conducting a transaction, suddenly debit card that he uses can not access.

Bank Mandiri disburses Rp 1 trillion to PT Mandiri Synergy KAIBank Non-Cash Transactions with E-BankingBank SOE to Injections Fund of China, for what? Suddenly notification baseball card you can use. It’s a debit card, try again I think one enter the pin, was the same, writing out receipts decline transaction, he told Okezone, Thursday (03/21/2013) After the case, he then confirmed to Mandiri Call Center. The Customer Services (CS) also said, if his debit card for transactions has been blocked. His status is blocked from Mandiri due to card abuse prevention, permanent ban. So should ngurus again, carry ID cards at the passbook, dia.Fanie clearly explained, based on information obtained directly from the CS met at Mandiri branch offices, CS said the service disruptions Mandiri. However, not all of the customers seemed to get his message tersebut.CS say baseball is too aware of this problem, baseball all customers know. They (CS-her) says this is no circular from the center, and many customers complain because do not know, said dia.Hingga this news was revealed, the Bank Mandiri none have answered the call of Okezone. (MRT)

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