Two Coffee Mug Day, Lower Risk of Cirrhosis of the liver Exposed,

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Jakarta Again, the study found coffee consumption advantages. This time, as a step to reduce the possibility of damage to the liver.
The researchers analyzed data from nine studies that had been published previously, with a total of more than 430 thousand participants and found that drinking two cups of coffee a day lowered the risk 44 percent less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver.
                                              Cirrhosis is potentially fatal and there is no cure for cirrhosis, said lead study author, Dr. Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University in the UK, quoted from the Huffington Post, Monday (22/02/2016).

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Kennedy assumed due to lack of medicine to cope with cirrhosis is no need to consume coffee.
More than one million people each year worldwide die from cirrhosis of the liver tissue damage.
It can be caused by hepatitis infection, excessive alcohol consumption, interference immunity, and fatty liver disease associated with obesity and diabetes.
Kennedy and his colleagues conducted a pooled analysis of people who consumed coffee in previous studies to see how much influence the coffee to reduce liver disease or liver every day.
Of the nine studies that were analyzed contained eight studies showed that the consumption of two cups of coffee a day get results in a significant reduction of the risk of cirrhosis.
Researchers estimate consume one cup a day had 22 percent lower risk of cirrhosis. While two cups of coffee can lower the risk by 43 percent, while three cups by 57 percent and 65 percent decrease if the consumption of four cups of coffee a day.
However, this result still left some unresolved questions about the type of coffee that can work well for a reduced risk of cirrhosis.
                                              Coffee is a complex mixture that contains hundreds of chemical compounds, and is not known which serves to protect the liver, said Kennedy.

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