Ulcer Patients Can Drinking Coffee?

manfaat kopi secara ilmiah
Jakarta Patients with ulcers or other stomach disorders does not mean there should not drink coffee. If a sudden illness relapsed after drinking a cup of coffee robusta (found in instant coffee), move to the Arabica coffee.
                                              Since I am not a doctor, I do not dare say may or enggaknya. I can only say, move to arabica and take a sip. If after moving the body is not a problem, it means they can drink coffee from the right kind of coffee, said Coffee Expert, Adi Taroepratjeka to Health- encountered in Nescafe Dolce Gusto exhibition at Senayan City, written on Wednesday (04/29/2015).

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On that occasion, the woman from Jakarta blogger named Rismadhani Chaniago suddenly approached Adi while mencerita issue involves drinking coffee.
Women who familiarly called Dhancrut story five months when it banned drinking coffee by a doctor for a particular condition. According Dhancrut, he can still empathize when told to smoke, just not be able to resist the urge to drink a cup of coffee when there is menyeduhnya. Honestly, so smell it, I want nyeduh luggage as well, said Dhancrut.
After the storytelling, Adi give a small cup of coffee from Nescafe Dolce Gusto Lungo to Dhancrut. Adi then asked him to report what had happened a few hours after drinking the coffee.
To the next day, we get an answer if the stomach Dhancrut in a state fine.
                                              I’m reports via Twitter. Around 00:00 the night, she nudged me on Twitter and said her stomach was safe, said Adi.
Essentially everyone has the ability to digest caffeine different. Because pure form of caffeine is a very strong poison, then when it enters the body, the body protects itself automatically marked when levels of caffeine in the body is enough.
                                              With a stomach ache, body automatically tells himself, if the caffeine content is sufficient. Because, if a heart beat and others, he thought as there are saucy-saucy passing in front of him, not because of the coffee, while Adi added jokingly.

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