”What are the Advantages of Bond Investing?

Lately a lot of investment firms or banks that offer investment bonds. Actually, what it is and how to calculate bond bond gains? Thanks,

When did Will Stronger Dollar? BatanganProspek Gold Investment Products Price EmasFX Yudhiyanto, fx_2008 @ gmail.comSalam respect, bonds are debt securities medium-long term transferable deposits which contain a promise from the issuing party to pay compensation in the form of interest on a particular period and repayment of the principal debt at a predetermined time to the bond buyers tersebut.Obligasi have some sort of manner, namely 1. Viewed from the side penerbita. Corporate Bonds bonds issued by the company, either in the form of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), or enterprise swasta.b. Government Bonds bonds issued by the government pusat.c. Municipal Bond bonds issued by local governments elephantiasis finance projects relating to the public interest (public utility) .2. Judging from bungaa payment system. Zero Coupon Bonds bonds that do not pay periodic interest. However, interest and principal are paid once at maturity tempo.b. Bonds coupon bonds with a coupon that is redeemable on a periodic basis in accordance with the provisions of penerbitnya.c. Fixed Coupon Bonds bonds with a coupon rate of interest that was set before the offer period in the primary market and will be paid in periodik.d. Floating Coupon Bonds bonds with a coupon rate of interest is determined prior to that time period, based on a benchmark (benchmark) such as average time deposit (ATD) is the weighted average interest rate on deposits from government banks and swasta.3. Viewed from the right onsite / opsia. Bonds Convertible bonds that entitle bondholders to convert bonds into a number of shares owned by penerbitnya.b. Bonds Exchangeable bonds that entitle bondholders to exchange shares of the company into a number of shares of affiliated companies belonging penerbitnya.c. Bonds callable bonds that entitles the issuer to buy back the bonds at a specified price over the life of the bonds tersebut.d. Bonds Putable bonds that entitles the investor that requires the issuer to buy back the bonds at a specified price over the life of the bonds tersebut.4. In terms of the guarantee or kolateralnyaa. Secured Bonds bonds guaranteed by certain richness of the issuer or other guarantees from third parties. In this group, including adalahi. Guaranteed Bonds Bonds repayment of interest and principal are guaranteed primarily penangguangan of the ketigaii. Bonds Mortgage bond interest and principal repayment is secured by collateral mortgages on the property or asset tetap.iii. Collateral Trust Bonds bonds guaranteed by securities owned by the issuer in its portfolio, such as stocks subsidiary dimilikinya.b. Bonds Unsecured bonds are not secured by certain wealth but wealth is guaranteed by the issuer in umum.5. In terms of value nominala. Conventional Bonds common bonds traded in a nominal, Rp 1 billion per one lot.b. Retail Bonds bonds that are traded in units smaller nominal value, both corporate and government bonds bonds.6. In terms of yield calculation hasila. Conventional bonds Bonds about calculated by using a coupon system bunga.b. Syariah Bonds bond yield calculation using the calculation for results. In this calculation, there are two kinds of Islamic bonds, yaitui. Mudharabah Sharia Bonds are Islamic bonds, which use contract for the results so that the income earned on the bond investor obtained after knowing emiten.ii revenue. Syariah Ijarah Bonds are Islamic bonds, which use a lease agreement so that the coupon (Ijarah fee) are fixed, and can be known / taken into account since the beginning of the bonds issued.
Meanwhile, how to calculate profit Bonds can be seen from the yield offered.

Income or yield or return that will be earned on an investment expressed as yield bonds, which results to be obtained by investors when placing their funds to buy bonds. Before deciding to invest in bonds, investors should consider the magnitude yieldobligasi, as weights annual returns will be accepted.
There are two (2) terms in determining the current yield and yield is the yield to maturity.

Currrent yield is the yield that is calculated based on those number of coupons received during the year on the price of the bonds.

Current yield = annual interest
bond prices

If the XYZ bond gives the holder a coupon of 17% per year while the price of these bonds is 98% of the nominal value of Rp 1,000,000,000, then

Current Yield = Rp 170 million or 17%
Rp 980 million 98%
= 17:34%

Meanwhile yiled to maturity (YTM) is the rate of return or income that would be obtained if the investor has a bond until maturity. YTM formula often used by the perpetrators are YTM YTM approximation or value approach, as follows

YTM approximation = C + R – P
n x 100%
R + P

C = coupon
n = the remaining time period (years)
R = redemption value
P = the price pemeblian (purchase value)


XYZ bond was purchased on September 5, 2003 with the price of 94.25% has a coupon of 16% payable every three months and will mature on 12 July 2007. What is the YTM approximationnya?
C = 16%
n = 3 years 10 months 7 days = 3,853 years
R = 94.25%
P = 100%

YTM approximation = 16 + 100 – 94.25
= 100 + 94.25
= 18:01%

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