What If Cigarette 50,000 / Wrap?

Tebingtinggi – The issue of the government proposal to raise the price of Rp50,000 per pack of cigarettes, apparently widespread among the general public.

Four mace community is no exception. Various reaction shown by the public, there is support, not infrequently also against it. Residents Tebingtinggi, Andri (27), said that he strongly supports the increase in cigarette prices, so consumers of cigarettes will think twice to buy cigarettes.

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I’m a smoker, but if the price was expensive as this, maybe I would have stopped to buy cigarettes. Better buy rice than cigarettes, he said. Other residents, Reno (21), also said the same thing. At least, by not smoking can create a healthy lifestyle and avoid secondhand smoke.

If there is no more people who smoke, of course there will be no smoke, so people can be healthier, he said. Another case with Aris, 32, he was not in favor with the cigarette price increase. If it is heavily addicted as I am, no matter the price of cigarettes soared, yes still be bought, he said.

He also added that in addition to harming consumers, it would also hurt tobacco farmers and cigarette factory. If demand a little, it would hurt tobacco farmers, how well the cigarette factory, there would be mass layoffs, he added. (KMJ)

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