What is the magnitude of Ideal Mortgage Payment?

Most people knock on when buying a home because of the down payment (DP / advance). In fact, in terms of relatively affordable installments over a given length of tenure. As a result, a dream to own a dream home was to be buried temporarily until the money for the DP is pegged sufficient.

Chairman of the Central Board of Housing and Settlement Developers Association of Indonesia (APERSI) Eddy Ganefo, ideally DP commercial houses are pegged 15-20 per cent of the house price.
Of the banks that will provide the first home mortgage usually DP was 15-20 percent for commercial houses. As for the second type 70 home based BI requirements should be 30 percent. But there are also commercial houses which could DP 10 percent, he told Okezone recently.

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Eddy explained, for example, a house pegged at 400 million with 20 percent DP. Then that should be paid by the consumer maximum is around Rp80 million.
Meanwhile, Eddy, DP scale commercial house to house distinguished subsidies. DP for subsidized housing is set at 5-10 percent. In fact, the government plans to issue a policy to reduce DP subsidized home by 1 percent. According to the plan, the DP of 1 percent will come into force on April 1, 2015.
He said this would be applied in late April, as groundbreaking 1 million homes. So we wait, he closed.

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