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Jakarta Coffee white (white coffee) in packaging circulating widely in the community. Now a number of coffee producers try new ways to market its products which offer different variants in the form of white coffee. By doing so, we do not need to queue at the coffee shop is famous just for a cup of white coffee.Setelah berbedar more than a year, called the white coffee is not derived from a type of white coffee that makes the color to be like that.
The news circulating through chain messages on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) was also mentioned the name of an expert and Chairman of the Agricultural Research Institute (Research Center), University of Jember, East Java, which states that the white color is obtained from the extract of sugar or vegetable oil is extracted. Worse, said Ahmad, the material extraction process using chemicals. The manufacturing process also does not meet health standards. Roasted coffee with a little temperature, so the content of caffeine and acid does not go down. This is done so that the resulting powder color is not too dark, according to the professor’s words written on chain messages received Health- team on Tuesday (03/02/2015) In a message that the professor also explained that the white coffee (white coffee) not good for health, can even cause cancer.

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There has been no discussion of this news ilmiahKetika delivered on Dietician from Siloam Hospital, Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, Sp.GK, said that until now there has never been a scientific discussion about the white coffee. What is clear, no matter what kind of coffee, certainly contains caffeine. When brewed tasted very sweet moment, it is definitely very high sugar content. So far I have no comment, because there has been no scientific discussion. But, the name of the coffee in the packaging, contains caffeine. If he’s really sweet, quite a lot of sugar, said Samuel.Saat touched on whether the coffee is in a same coffee that comes from 100 percent pure, Samuel just say it all depends on the honesty of the manufacturer. Is it pure coffee, it all depends on the honesty of the manufacturer. If honest, using the coffee was really pure. Otherwise, would pass a chemical process. Well, the chemical process is not good, said Samuel.Bahaya what will be perceived, bright Samuel, depending on what digunakan.Mengutip chemicals from various sources, content of white coffee in a number of countries are diverse. In fact, it can be used for a white coffee cup of black coffee by milk, cream or syrup corn, soybeans, and peanuts are poured at room temperature. Even in the United States, White Coffee is the coffee beans are heated to roast yellow level. Since the heating process only briefly, the natural sugars in the coffee beans are not terkaramelisasi, so there is no bitterness left behind.

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