Who Mirna Salihin, Coffee Poisoning Victims in disguise?

berhenti minum kopi
Jakarta Name Mirna Salihin (28) suddenly torn into perhatan netizens because of alleged victim of one of the target due to toxins in coffee ditenggaknya. Until now the case is still being investigated by the police.
So, who Salihin Mirna? When searching for your name on social media, Mirna did not seem like someone who often upload all about him, so that only little information about him on display. But he wrote himself a graduate of Swinburne University of Technology and worked as Creative / Art Director at Misca Design.

According to information, Mirna has a twin brother. He recently married to Arief Soemarko. Some photos adorn prewedding social media.
Previously, Mirna suffered convulsions and eventually died in hospital Abdi Waluyo after drinking coffee in a cafe in the Grand Indonesia. Although there is information he was taking slimming drugs, the police are still conducting the autopsy and took samples of gastric fluid to see if there is poison in his coffee.
Doctors estimate his death was caused by the content contained in slimming drugs and caffeine are mixed, so that excessively stimulate the heart. Until now the Police Metro Tanah Abang, still steeped in this case.
                                              The report had been entered. It is currently in the deepening, said police duty officer of Metro Tanah Abang, Aiptu Muhaimin, when contacted, Thursday (01/07/2016) night.

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According to Muhaimin, the police have collected evidence in the form of coffee drunk by Mirna and objects brought by him before he was pronounced dead. Witnesses from the manager of the coffee shop has also been questioned by police.
As to the allegations that there was poison in the coffee drunk by Mirna, Kanit Criminal Police Tanah Abang, AKP Mustakim, reluctant to respond to the statement spread over the social media. He claimed up to now still studying the causes of death Mirna and declined to comment anything. **

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