Why Stomach Pain After Drinking Coffee?

memberisihkan arteri jantung dengan kopi
Jakarta Some argue, stomach ache after drinking a cup of coffee because the material is a beverage with acidic substances. Meanwhile, they do not feel the same complaints when the consumption of soft drinks. In fact, soda drinks in cans also contain acids, although the levels are much lower than coffee. So, when the stomach is safe when drinking soda in cans, similar conditions should also occur when drinking a cup of coffee.
                                              Actually, that makes the stomach pain after drinking coffee is not as acidic coffee. If we look from the acid, acidity (pH) of coffee just 5.5 whereas soda drinks in cans around 3.5. If drinking soda in cans safe, secure also means drinking coffee, dong ?, said Coffee Expert, Adi Taroepratjeka Health- when found in the Nescafe Dolce Gusto exhibition at Senayan City, written on Wednesday (29/04/2015).

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Essentially, everyone has different abilities to digest caffeine. Because pure form of caffeine is a very strong poison, then when it enters the body, the body protects itself automatically. Stomach ache after eating coffee at a time marker that caffeine levels in the body is enough.
                                              With a stomach ache, body automatically give the sign itself, if the caffeine content is sufficient. Because, if just a heart beat and others, he thought as there are saucy-saucy passing in front of him, not because of the coffee, Adi added, jokingly.
Adi continued, for those who have digestive problems after drinking a cup of coffee, it is advisable to replace robusta coffee (usually found in instant coffee) to arabica. Therefore, the caffeine content of Robusta doubled from Torabika.
                                              For example, if in the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Lungo is no such thing, 100 percent Arabica, said Adi. After that, try to find spesialty arabica coffee, where the severity of the disability is much less.
                                              The purpose of the disability levels this way, the coffee is basically the fruit. When we eat fruit that has not too ripe or slightly rotten fruit, the body would protest, ‘right? Well, in this specialty coffee handicap was almost non-existent, said Adi assured.

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