10 liters of fat sucked from the Agency Ivan Gunawan

JAKARTA, KOMPAS. com on Monday (11/07/2011) then, presenter who also dress designer Ivan Gunawan had just completed a liposuction surgery to reduce his weight is calculated not ideal. Yes, for supporting the display with my habits pretty solid. I still do not want that kuruskurus really but ideal lah, Ivan said in an interview at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Thursday (14/07/2011). Beginning Ivan aim of the operation is relatively short. However, sangkaannya misses. Operations are scheduled for four hours but so so six to seven hours, said Ivan. Eating when all this time, Ivan also went weak. In the past (first operation) segininya not limp. It’s another, lemes actually suffering, he said. Feeling weak, continued Ivan, is the risk of injecting anesthetic after his body began to disappear. Really sick, must use this corset from the thigh to the abdomen. This time hell-like robots because use corsets, said Ivan jokes. Liposuction done Ivan according to him has not been completed. Hartono doctors who handle recommends to re-do the suction lemat to ideal body weight can be obtained Ivan. Her doctor once said the other day destination feet and thighs as well, adds Ivan. However, Ivan the secret of her weight before liposuction, recognizing not dare to do it again. Is still the trauma, the pain was awesome. Just once before, it can not be dislodged corset, can not eat. My body is generally strong, but this is drowsy know why, lamented Ivan. Finally Her waist had started there (looked). Kiloannya not hesitated, but the fat (aspirated) 10 liters, Ivan replied.

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