1500 Calorie Diet, Weight 5 Kg Body Down

Nine personnel Korean girl group, SNSD or Girls’ Generation, applying 1500 calories a day diet or Area three-quarters of the average normal consumption, in order to protect the slimness of the body and expel the fat in the abdomen. Generally, previously appeared in concerts or other major events, personnel SNSD will apply the 1500 calorie diet is, until their weight can go down to 5 kg per month .. The number is quite safe for weight loss without any health complications suffer. How dietTidak no restrictions on food, the calories into the main body of 1500 calories. Diet like this: Morning: two pieces of wheat bread, two boiled eggs without the yolk, or one slice of low fat cheese, and a glass of milk without the fat. Lunch: six tablespoons of brown rice, a bowl of vegetables, one piece of chicken, fish or meat, a piece of tempeh or tofu. Tonight: eggs and broccoli. Distraction: the number of pieces of fruit and a glass of milk or yogurt without the fat. This diet will not make successful because you hungry and tormented. With a 1500 calorie diet, this amount is enough to make you remain powered, protecting the body’s immune system, and protect the calorie-burning muscle. You also will not feel tired, sore, not mood or hungry. SaranSebaiknya stay away from snacking on fatty foods, sweet cakes have a material flour, ice cream and chocolate because of the high calorie. When appears hunger but it is not time to eat, dealt with the consumption of fruits or vegetables that are rich in fiber and provide satiety longer. Stay away from processed foods to be fried. If the food is good with boiled, steamed, or grilled. Make sure the meat with no fat, offal and stay away from the skin. Kompliti calorie diet with regular exercise so that fat can be burned excellence. (Magazine Chic / Ika Nurul Syifaa)

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