5 Women Sunday 65 Th. Not Eating Once Just Drink

Someone 65 years old woman. Try excessive lifestyle. Throughout the five weeks he had not eaten anything just drink water and seek sunlight. Navenna Shine (65) from Seattle to stop eating start since May 3, 2013 to try Breatharianism by not eating as well as to give them the necessary nutrients the body from the sun. Shine detailing all of his experience on Facebook and YouTube. In most of his new video he claimed tasted so good and sometimes feels a twitch like hunger. Not only that most of the risks are no fun makes it a natural sensation of bile in the back of his throat nausea and constipation. Retired from the UK was delivered not eat too risky in social life. I do barbeque Rekanrekan time tonight! I can not smell it, but I can hear when they all have an exciting time. They tell me of their love but not the steak log Shine on the seventh day of the experiment as taken Dailymail Friday (07/06/2013). Shine planning a lavish lifestyle move it along a 4 to 6 month .. To progress Area mengecheck tiny living quarters there are eight cameras. Also placed in sebuat place to assure he will not infiltrate to look for a snack. No restricted Shine same four walls and the contents of the time by looking at sports movies and sleep. He last ate on April 30, 2013. Shine recognize excessive steps that make its shrinking in most weeks. Today I felt this exhausting exercise. I need to lie down next was like my blood sugar is doing something he wrote on 31 May. During this time the body weight Shine striking down of 72 kg so 58 kg. Belly circumference also shrunk six inches. Previous start stop eating Shine already know the risks that it faces. Death usually results from not eating he said in the video. In Seattleglobalist. com number four world breatharian already died while trying to live only on water and sunlight. Shine admits that if he does not believe can survive. I felt that my body was already reaching the point when he wore them all the stored fat and is now looking for anything after that will be consumed. (Mel / *)

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