(Indonesian Version) 6 Claims Slimming drugs are not proven truth

slimming drugs

Nearly three out of four people in modern times are overweight, according to a 2017 study published in the journal Frontiers of Public Health.

Some individuals who are overweight switch to slimming drugs on the market. Often, these supplements promise to increase metabolism, balance body composition, increase feelings of satiety or suppress appetite.

In addition to lack of scientific evidence about it, there are many other question marks related to claims of slimming drugs. Instead, you do not just believe in a promising slimming drug or obat pelangsing if Indonesia version:

Weight loss without diet
Slimming drug manufacturers will be happy if you believe that just swallow pills, potions, or rub a certain lotion, the fat will immediately melt from your body.

Unfortunately, permanent slim results require more effort than that. “For 20 years I practice, no potions or any pills can be stronger than the food that goes into your mouth,” says diet and nutrition physician ChrisbMohr, PhD, RD.

“That is, all you have to do if you want to slim is to adjust the diet to calorie in fewer than the out gradually,” he added.

You do not have to exercise

Too many slimming drugs promise results without exercise. It’s like a product that promises results without you needing a diet.

Losing weight without diet or exercise is a promise that is unfounded or unsupported by research.

Accelerate metabolism

This is a common claim that begins when slimming drug manufacturers add ephedra to their products.

The FDA banned ephedra in 2004 due to security concerns. Since prohibited, other active ingredients from green tea are in place of their claims.

“Long-term research states, none of these ingredients proven to reduce weight permanently without accompanied by exercise and diet,” said Mohr again.

Make you full

Protein, fiber, and fat is what makes you full. No slimming supplements or medications. Organize your diet properly.

Here’s a simple example of a healthy diet and can help you achieve slim goals: Boiled eggs (protein and fat) and one or two servings of fruits and vegetables (fiber) for breakfast.

Half a serving of brown rice, skinless roasted chicken breast (fat and protein) and one or two servings of fresh vegetables (fiber) for lunch. Handful of boiled beans (fat, protein fiber) for an afternoon snack.

Half a serving of brown rice (carbohydrates, fiber) and medium fish (fat, protein) and vegetables (fiber) for dinner.

Change your body composition

Certain supplements promise changes in body composition, usually by shifting the use of nutrients or suppressing certain hormones.

Unfortunately, very little research has proven the effectiveness of this.

Blocking carbohydrate absorption

If you want to lose weight, eliminate empty carbohydrates and replace them with nutrient-rich foods is a good strategy.

“Taking supplements that block carbohydrates is a bad strategy because there is no research that suggests it might happen,” explains Mohr.

There is a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, evaluating six studies about blocking carbohydrate absorption by using peanut extract.

Peanut extract, it seems to work by blocking the enzymes that are responsible for helping the digestion of carbohydrates.

The evaluation says, studies (about the benefits of bean extract to block carbohydrates), have a methodological deficiency so the results are still in doubt.

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