6 Steps Exercise and Healthy Without Strict Diet

JakartaTiap times alluded to the issue of healthy life we ​​are constantly faced with a variety of suggestions. Regular consumption of healthy foods vegetable consumption to avoid junk foods also regular physical activity.
Sempatkah but we think there is a step that is more simple and fun to improve our health without the need to diet and exercise

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Here are a few steps that are not common to improve our health in a natural way is taken from the website Boldsky Monday (06/29/2015)
1. Road without pedestal
Just take off their shoes and leave bare feet in conditions when the road in the wild can improve our health over and fold.
Street without wearing footwear can reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes dodge increase cardiovascular benefits and can increase the anti-oxidants in the body and improve the quality of sleep. 1 of 4 pages

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