9 Myths Diet Most Trusted People

Jakarta For some people, especially women to lose weight is not an easy thing. It took most of trick and confidence in protecting the body so that your diet remains the ideal.
But as time went on, and research some people convinced that some myths that should be ignored. As conveyed CEO healthy eating program Le Bootcamp Valerie Orsoni. He menjelaskanada 9 myths diet is still the only one applied to such people taken Sofeminine Tuesday (16/06/2015) below: 1. Myth: Breakfast is the most important time of the diet

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Forget about breakfast had a large impact on our body weight Valerie did not deliver. Research show when you are not hungry you do not need to force yourself to breakfast. Bodies are not machines. There are people who have a habit and do not have a habit of breakfast. The main thing we all must find food that fits up to a healthier you.
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