Addiction Alert Carbonated Drinks

VelesMinuman includes also popular in many groups but in fact as well as the most devastating human body. Do not know why this is still the evil drink that is always in search.
Taken from the Healthy Foodhouse on Tuesday (22/03/2016) below are some real ugly effects related to the consumption of soda:
1. Soda and osteoporosis
Cola soda contains caffeine and phosphoric acid in the womb made. Research in bone mineral density (BMD bone mineral density) is done by the Framingham Osteoporosis Study in 2006. The trial involving 1413 women and 1125 men.

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Finally, regular consumption of soft drinks resulted in a decrease in BMD of the hip real womanhood because woman is indeed more prone to the bone loss than men.
Referring to some other research excellence triggers that phosphorus that inhibits the absorption of calcium. Kian is that some experts think phosphoric acid in cola cause calcium leakage to the outside of the bone.
One other research reveals that the consumption of 330 mg of caffeine equivalent to four cups of coffee-leads to bone loss. Caffeine unexpectedly interfere with calcium absorption and the resulting reduction of calcium through urine.
With regard tersebutsoda should be avoided even if the problem of osteoporosis and in diseases which avoid the absorption of calcium (like a Crohn’s disease ‘) or by people over 50 years old ..
2. Obesity
One of the causes of obesity, namely soda. Drinks are also on the top lightly, including the cause of obesity. One can of soda that contains a lot of sugar gives the body weight of 454 gr Area of ​​each month.
When the suspect exchanged diet soda to think again. Diet soda to be more at risk because of filled artificial sweetener that can cause a variety of hormones and physiological problems that then also lead to obesity.
3. Damage to the liver
Soda is among the worst things to heart. Consumption of soda too excessive increase in dramatic fashion the risk of a collapse of the liver (cirrhosis) as faced by critical collectors alcohol.
3. Damage to the teeth
Drinks lightly resulting in damage to tooth enamel. Soda-shaped eroded and its chemical composition the greater cause damage to teeth than the sugar in candy.
4. Kidney stones and kidney critical illness
Fizzy drinks ‘enriched’ with phosphoric acid in the know have the power to be at risk of urinary tract. These changes further cause kidney stones. Consumption volume of 12-ounce cans ebebrapa increase the risk of kidney stone formation to 15%.

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