After Cancer Cells 0 Ria Irawan more low Calorie Diet

Jakarta Ria Irawan body weight rose to 10 kg throughout the seven bln. lakoni cancer treatment. Six bln. after doctors said the cancer cells in the body 0barulah veteran players this movie diet.
Because of all the new diet abstinence treatment currently low calories diet Ria said.

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Ria convey when cancer patients who are doing good care not to underestimate the meal. So when the treatment has not been completed there is no sense diet Ria Irawan said at Location MatramanJakartaditulis Friday (26/02/2016).
Admittedly eat all the food. From the start coffè mutton stew devoured jengkol up no trace. Because before chemotherapy must mengecheck blood and HB in advance to determine whether it is feasible for the week after chemo again.
The dicekokin why should cancer patients to be eligible to obtain healing kelanjutankata Ria.
With the exception of a low-calorie diet Ria Irawan back on doing hot and Bikram Yoga.

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