Another Obesity and ‘Overweight’

COMPASS. com – Definition of obesity and overweight has a meaning that is not the same for everyone. However, some people assume superiority body weight far exceeding the desired weight as obesity. Definition of obesity, according to some doctors, the circumstances in which the body fat present in an amount that is too excessive. This situation is said to be a chronic disease that can be overcome. Obesity is also associated with penyakitpenyakit which could degrade the quality of life. In addition, overweight or weight advantage, a condition in which the body weight (BW) exceeds a normal BB. Of the estimated 210 million people in Indonesia th. In 2000, the number of overweight people who naturally reach 76, 7 million (17, 5%) and obese won 9, 8 million (4, 7%). Meaning normal, overweight, and obese may not be the same in every country and culture. Therefore, WHO took the decision one measurement or classification of obesity that is not dependent on cultural bias. The most widely used to measure the rate of obesity is body mass index (BMI), which is obtained by dividing the body weight (kg) by the square of height (mtr.). BMI can be used to estimate how big a risk may develop a specific disease. Rated normal BMI Asia 18, 522, 2324 9. Values, 9 referred to the advantages of body weight (overweight). An obese if BMInya above mentioned 30 or perhaps in other words the person has a number of advantages BB 20%. There are some diseases that are closely linked with the advantages of body weight. Call it the insistence of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, and even sexual dysfunction.

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