Arya Permana Not Complain Hungry with Diet Menu Team Physician

Liputan6. comJakarta team of doctors of residence Government General Hospital Hasan Sadikin who overcame Arya Permana (10 yr.) boy from Karawang regency who suffer excessive obesity regulate caloric input for the boy.
In one day change his weight down and we indeed have calculated and set the input power in the food said Chairman Tim doctor who overcame Arya Permana dr At Julistio like taken in BandungSelasa.

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He explained that a team of doctors are also welcome both the attitude Arya Permana to receive calorie diet menu of the hospital stay because if it is driven by patients so body weight may go down as well as even returned to normal.
As well as we like because when the number of calories of food is reduced Arya did not complain hungry. So he can hold food 2. 500 kilo calories. It was for the child who weighs 50 kg body he said.
According to the state of Arya Permana now he does not complain about being hungry and begging food and when within the current month can only go down 10 to 15 kg so the opportunities within a period of 10 months. up to a year can be normal.
With a record of her parents to protect her diet and know that should not be missed are free to eat what are endangering the child he said.
Furthermore, he explained today Arya also enough time on whom the spirit of street therapy by a doctor that can jalanjalan far as 50 mtr ..
So indeed happened across the aisle space is quite large. So last invited approximately 50 mtr road .. He wants according to what we deliver is all for the good because he’s too right he said.
Besides, it’s natural father Arya Somantri Permana Ade explained that his weight dropped two kg Area is of 190 kg 188 kg so all are receiving medical treatment at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung.
Monday was the other day my son helped the dietary patterns fit together and the doctor said fasting also suggested during the 10-hour blood because wants to be taken. But until now he did not ask for food or hunger complain said Ade.

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