Benefits of Seeds Mahogany Beneficial For Health

It turns out that mahogany fruit can make medicine other than bitter medicine it. Store some natural properties for some diseases that you feel. in addition to diseases can be used as a basic material of furniture. the strength and shade tree dibuffatkan for air conditioning.

In Malaysia mahogany gets more attention. In the neighboring country, mahogany fruit or commonly called sky fruit used as a basic ingredient of vitamins and natural medicines. The name Sky Fruit is because the fruit is pointing toward the sky. mahogany fruit efficacy Substances contained Mahogany: Local Naming: Mahagoni, maoni, moni .; Mahogany fruit has a substance called flavonolds and saponins.Khasiat Biji Mahoni

Flavonolds itself is known to be useful for blood circulation. So for people with diseases that cause blockage of blood flow can use this fruit as a medicine. Efficacy of flavonolds is also able to reduce cholesterol, accumulation of fat in blood vessels, reduce pain, bleeding and bruising, and acts as an antioxidant to get rid of free radicals.

Meanwhile, saponins have efficacy as a prevention of disease pestilence, can also to reduce body fat, help boost the immune system, prevent blood clotting, and strengthen the liver function and slow the blood clotting process. Now mahogany is sold in extract form. Even in the packaging, the efficacy of mahogany is alleged to be to enlarge the breasts, but it is also estimated to be very useful for skin smoothness.

Overcoming Hypertension In Chinese pharmacology and other traditional medicine mentioned, this medicinal plant has bitter, cold, antipyretic (fever), antifungal properties, and can lower high blood pressure. This pharmacological effect is derived from the use of dried, finely ground beans, until it becomes a powder. Efficacy of mahogany seeds, namely overcoming hypertension, blood sugar disorders, lack of appetite, fever, and help maintain endurance.

How to cultivate it, seeds pounded or mashed into powder then brewed with hot water. Plants that have the ability as astringent (dry) this can precipitate the intestinal mucous membrane protein and form a layer that protects the intestine, thus inhibiting glucose intake and the rate of increase in blood glucose.

A study of mahogany seeds in lowering blood glucose in animal experiments has been done Laurentia Mihardja, researchers at the Center for Research and Development of Disease Control, NIHRD.

The administration of mahogany extract dose 45 mg / 160 gbb after 7 days showed significantly different result than solvent and no different with glikazide 7.2 mg / 200 gbb. In conclusion, mahogany can lower blood glucose in animal experiments.

Mahogany is actually very popular, especially in the ’80s. Understand it, trees with sturdy and towering trunk is easily found almost along the provincial road on the island of Java. When the dry season, many seeds fall to be considered garbage.

Until now there are still using the seeds of mahogany as a basic ingredient to treat various diseases. Spread from mouth to mouth, mahogany powder ingredients are believed to have properties to help the healing process and vitality. In addition to powder, there is also a direct consumption of mahogany seeds after removing the outer shell that is flat.

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