Best Selling Fashion Products in Online Store

Sales of fashion items that do not require a special size, such as a purse or wallet, are the bestsellers in online business. “The easiest products to sell are those without size, such as handbags, because they are not afraid of buying wrong,” Sophie Paris CEO & Founder Bruno Hasson told a media briefing in Serpong, South Tangerang, Monday (19/2). He said, currently of all online sales transactions in Indonesia, about 55 percent is a fashion item.

In addition to handbags, fashion products sought in online stores are clothes, shoes, and accessories. Bag product from Sophie Paris. Bag product from Sophie Paris. (Sophie Paris Sophie who from early on sell more bags directly (direct selling), is now beginning to switch to the digital world with online sales. “Compared to large e-commerce, actually social retail or online business using social media (peer to peer) has doubled turnover.” Sophie Paris is more focused on this business model, “Hasson said. In order to fashion products sold always follow the trend, according to Hasson, Sophie Paris has a team of designers located in Jakarta. “We release about 100 new bag products every month, sometimes we also call designers from Paris to give feedback,” he said. Although most imported raw materials from Italy or China, but according to Hasson design process until Sophie Paris factory located in Indonesia. “Because of the direct sales, our price is cheaper,” he said. According to Hasson, currently the number of members of Sophie Paris reaches 250,000 people and the average transaction twice in a month, with the number of transactions around Rp 350,000.

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