Blood Group Diet Acne Fast recovery

Except Jakarta do beauty treatments healthy diet also helps to cure acne. One of the efficient diet is the blood group diet.
As conveyed dr. Titi Fauzia Moertolo SpKK in his studies of patients who are treatment while protecting eating based on blood groups have results quite important.

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Exception to protect the face with cleanser hygiene care and special masks of leaves antanan or gotu kola (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban) acne patients need to protect her eating with the blood group diet he said.
In research each blood group does not have the same tolerance levels in specific foods. This sort of thing show interwoven state of the skin as well as diet.
Despite so many Titi said that especially in protecting the skin so that no breakouts that avoid the use of cosmetics that do not fit. For this sort of thing would skew results in chronic and cause more acne scarring on the face.

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