Body Weight Why So Up Approaching Menstruasikami

Some women have often experienced this sort of thing. Although it has been dieting and exercising, body weight suddenly rose 2 kg. Do not worry, it’s common lasts one week before menstruation.
The increase in body weight before menstruation is weight gain due to water. Demkian said Raquel Dardik, MD, an expert in gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center.
Weight gain took place five days before menstruation. Body weight will come back as the beginning so menstruation begins, he said.
The increase in body weight before menses Area one to five kg. Area average women gaining two kg.
Why is underway hormone progesterone, which is needed in step early in the pregnancy so the trigger. When pregnancy does not take place, the content of this hormone naturally decline. Impact, tiaptiap cells in the body to retain water.
Bloating before menses also make women so severe and so feels fullness and fat.
Monthly guest’s face as well as weight gain, women self-worth does not focus on the amount of weight gain. The good woman to make a schedule that considers a healthy body weight awakened.
Weigh once a week on the same day, the same time wearing the same scales. The most important thing in considering which do not be too excessive because of fluctuations in body weight is normal, said Dardik.
Handle the risks of this monthly cycle with exercise. Dardik recommended to drink plenty of water to deal with water retention. Stay away from fatty foods, alcohol and salt resulting loss so fluid retention.
What about the weight gain is not lost though menstruation has ended This may be due to cravings before menses that makes women want the consumption of salty foods, fatty and sweet. The increase in weight due to this type of food will not disappear after menstruation.

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