Branson Buffet and Gates billionaire with Routines Diet Strange

LondonSecangkir tea can make the quieter people who drink as well as Virgin Group boss Richard Branson. Businesspersons and billionaires who have airline Virgin Atlantic’s daily operations incorporate 20 cups of tea in their daily diet includes the time is outside the country.
I do not know whether it can survive or not with no English Breakfast tea. Even when there is in the Caribbean also I must drink tea. A cup of tea was never far from me said the man was 65 years old. on page Daily Mail about her diet routine.

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Richard Branson following exception routine of eating and drinking diet is unique in the world that some other billionaire quote page Telegraph (26/04/2016).
1. Warren Buffet consumption of ice cream as well as a breakfast menu Business people from the United States philanthropist Warren Buffet delighted ice cream. In the breakfast menu chocolate chip ice cream is always there. Then men aged 85 years old. This can be like drinking Coca-colahingga near his desk is always there are some high-sugar beverage cans. Not ketinggal some potato chips.

2. If I consume 700 calories / day quarter came from Coca-Cola said the man who lined up as the number three in the world rich versus Forbes, 2016.
2. Bill Gates and Diet Coke
Bill Gates also like consumption of soft drinks. Microsoft founder is often looked to drink Diet Coke.
When I was in the office generally will drink Diet Coke said the man who has a $ 87 trillion this treasure.
3. Hugh Hefner and homemade food
Businessperson who is more known as having an adult magazine Playboy has a unique routine. Based on interviews in 2007 he would consume prepared food from a place to stay even though at that time he was in the restaurant.
Some types select the menu but I had a dish of lamb chops and baked potatoes from shelter to food I have styled said the man aged 90 years old. this.
4. Steve Job and carrots
After his biography was written out in 2011 when Jobs was fond of apples. Jobs also loves fruit or vegetable consumption is the same throughout the first week. Once he carrot consumption throughout the week until her skin look more orange than general.
By moving the diet of healthy food consumption makes it not need to wear deodorant.
5. Oprah Winfrey Si Admirers Chips
Throughout the 40 th. Oprah Winfrey the end of life can not be separated from potatoes. From the start of steamed dishes baked until pounded a woman prefix craze known as the host of this.

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