Breakfast Cake Lower Body Weight

A kind of sweet food cake until now calculated as an enemy who wants to protect the body weight. However, the most recent study says that breakfast cake so efficient enough to lose weight. Researchers from Tel Aviv campus by way of random dividing 200 research participants into two groups. The first group was told to eat low calorie breakfast menu as well as low-carb, another group shortly consumption of sweet foods such as donuts or cake. 2nd group was seharihari consume the same amount of calories, ie 1 600 for men and 400 for women 1. 2nd group of research participants that they both successfully lose weight 15 kg Area in four month .. But in four months. The next group who ate a breakfast low calorie weight gaining back Area 10 kg. Medium Group naturally sweet breakfast Extra weight loss of up to six kg. Indeed, the key to success the 2nd group Some researchers express breakfast menu high in carbohydrates and protein will avoid the emergence of hunger is too excessive. Beyond that ghrelin, the hunger hormone can also be suppressed. They were having breakfast cake and other sweet foods that are not too hungry indeed admitted to the desire to snack is also shrinking. Furthermore they can limit calorie consumption. To obtain weight loss lasting macronutrient composition in the menu of lunch and dinner should be noticed as compensation for the breakfast menu.

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