Coffee Benefits For Plants

In addition to having benefits for beauty, coffee has many benefits for caring for plants. For example coffee grounds that can be used as fertilizer

Coffee is rich in potassium, calcium, nitrogen, posporous and mineral content is good for plants. But not just coffee grounds, watering the plants with water mixed with coffee can also be used to water the plants. But, of course not all plants can be watered with coffee.

Plants that love coffee are acid-loving plants, which are plants that can grow well with acid intake because of its acid-loving nature. Plants that are nature loving acid is different from plants in general.

In general, plants will flourish in soils that have a neutral pH, while acid-loving plants will thrive in soil with a pH below neutral (acid). Acid to base scale in soil is listed from the numbers 0 to 14, with a note when soil pH is at number 7 it means the soil is considered neutral.

Acid-loving plants can still grow on soil with a neutral pH, but will grow better and fertile in acidic soils. For example acid-loving plants flowering categories will get maximum results if it can meet the acid needs of these plants.

Some types of acid loving plants are vines, roses, and violets. The others are: dogwoods, cornus kousa, magnolia, eastern white pine, Canadian hemlock fir tree, and some crops increasingly like daphne x burkwoodii and fothergi. The plants can survive in soil with a pH of about 5 (acid).

If you have these types of plants and want to water with the coffee the way is very simple. You simply brew coffee as usual, with no added sugar, milk, or other sweeteners. After that you put the steeping of coffee into the sprayer and then spray on the plant.

For the initial watering, may only do water watering coffee to the plants as much as 1 times a week in small amounts. This is done to see the response of the plant first. If the response is good, you can add the intensity of watering to 2 times a week.

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