Couples Need It Rp 900 million per Th. for Health Agency

New York Buck and Michelle Miller is a married couple who are not half-hearted remove funding for health. money amounting to 50 thousand pounds (USD 900 million) per th. at ate it just for the view. Is not limited to their beauty treatments are also concentrating on his health. Within a month Buck and Michelle spend Rp 75 9 million to do manicures pedicures and hair skin care to pay the membership at the health center. Commonplace when today’s couples have a handsome face with an athletic body. Buck seems to be aware that the agency `sempurna` can not be wasted so easily. As is generally the utmost Buck always perpetuate his body into the camera hp. If there is a match that is looking for the most baiksaya couples will register it now says Buck. The couple who met the first time in the bodybuilding arena in California in February 2012 has a fairly ideal weight. Michelle is even 33 years old. has a weight of only 45 kg which is dominated by muscle and Buck just 60 kg with the same state as his wife.
The first thing that appealed to me on Michelle is physical. I have always been interested in women, muscular and sexy thighs, Buck said. Because these arguments that make both willingly spend that amount to keep what they have acquired. All we eat is organic and gluten-free. Everything sauces used are also low in sugar says Buck. Not just that moment going to eat food presented Buck and Michelle must mengecheck amount of fat carbohydrate and protein in it. We thus closely at some of the things of this kind. Everything we do in one week and never let ourselves slip did `kecurangan` including our time amid birthday Buck word taken from the Daily Mail on Thursday (01/22/2015) There is also a list of who they are working on a number of the money for a month through the following way; 1. Rp 6 million to buy clothes match Michelle2 bodybuilding. Rp 42 7 million to buy cosmetics and hair care kuku3. Rp 560 thousand to blacken kulit4. Rp 1 8 million pay membership kebugaran5 center. Rp 18 9 million meals organik6. Rp 9 4 million charge for suplemen7. USD 12 1 million to coach Buck8. USD 100 million charge for lodging vacation time. Is being undertaken Buck diet menu is as follows; Breakfast: six white eggs and a cup of oatmeal. Then eat every two jamMakan 2: Eight ounces of chicken breast cup of white rice or four ounces of sweet potato. The third and fourth meal: turkey cankir Eight ounces of white rice or potato jalarMakan four ounces to five and six: the most excellent Sirloin no carbohydrates. Plus four stalks of asparagus when it is still hungry. Plus protein glutamine and oil ikandan daily supplements such as amino acids and multivitamins.

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