Cut hull, body weight down to 50 kg

GUANGZHOU, Lose weight for obese people is not easy. From start to follow a variety of diet, exercise regularly, slimming medicine to drink uncertain successfully lose weight advantage. Some people eventually move perform gastric bypass surgery. Some cutting operations hull, rated so efficiently decrease excess body weight. In operation performed immediately via monitor in residence JinshazhouKedokteran Hospital Campus Giangzhou, China, one male patient surgery gastretomy sleeve. Patients with a weight of 125 kilograms (kg) and it is predicted severity can later be dropped Area 4050 kg, said surgeons of residence Jinshazhiu Hospital, Dai Xiao Jiang in Guangzhou, Wednesday (03/09/2016). With minimum invasive surgery, some patients stomach was cut so just 80100 milliliters (ml). Normally, the stomach in an empty condition have the capacity of 500 ml. But the hull is so elastic up to a fully charged it can reach 4000 ml. The size of the stomach is smaller after the operation the patient will make full faster and lower absorption of food. Weight loss goes the way slowly. They will not get fat if they have to perform this operation. Even there are patients who need to replace identity cards, because each has looked after skinny. Increasingly over the bypass surgery in obese patients also lowers the risk of diabetes and diseases associated with obesity others. Xiao Dai also show you pictures of patients before and after bypass surgery, including a person’s fattest man in China at that time. Finally, those who were obese at this time has a more slender body. Hospital, has overcome the gastric bypass surgery in 500 patients within five years time ..

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