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Jakarta In 2013 someone fat man went to the residence Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark. He wants to do bariatric surgery. But one week before the operation he had to give a sperm sample for some Danish scientists. One week after the procedure he does it again. One year ago she donates a third sample.
Some scientists find it surprising that sperm can decrease fat talents to their children. Research is certainly contrary to common thinking is changing the genetic aspects.
One donated sperm cell DNA. But genes are arranged by a herd of epigenetic aspects of the molecules in question. The following molecules that change the situation offspring researchers said as dimual NYTimes page on Friday (04/12/2015).
Someone neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania Dr. Tracy L. Bale delivered studied male mice sperm stress. Finally, they found that stress levels are not common epigenetic molecules referred microRNAs.
Although the environment may change but scientists started investigating epigenetic from the father. In 2013 someone molecular epidemiologist at KU Leuven University of Belgium Adelheid Soubry and his colleagues studied 79 newborn child. They found that epigenetic inequality in children with obesity father as well as some people with people who lean.
Research done at Dr. Barres and his colleagues. First they collect sperm from 10 men obese and 13 lean people in Denmark. As well as those found mismatches epigenetic. One of the aspects of epigenetic type laid on DNA methylation in question. Dr. Barres and his colleagues have found increasingly more 9. 000 genes where methylation patterns are not the same in lean and obese men.
And some scientists recruited six obese people to do bariatric surgery. In a report published in the journal Cell Metabolism Dr. Barres and his colleagues identified 900 3. becoming more methylated genes were not equal to one year after surgery.

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I do not want to speculate whether it was positive or negative risk in the next generation he said. But certainly he would be trying to see is there something which is transmitted through sperm.
Other scientists have various views on this research. On the one hand they agree researchers used cutting-edge way to survey epigenetic inequality in the sperm. But they are wary to attract a summary.
Someone epigenetic expert at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. John M. Greally deliver sperm father opportunities associated with obesity in children may be true. But unfortunately these studies involved very few people.
To be honest I think a lot of the shortcomings of this research said Dr. Greally.

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