Dried Fruit Good for Diet

New Delhi: There is an idea that dried fruits may not as healthy as fresh fruit to another. Tetapikelihatannya assumptions that no longer fit.
One study some time past that led Dr. Daniel D. Gallaher of Minnesota Campus USA recommends that traditional dried fruits such as dried apples dried apricots dates dried figs and sultana raisins and prunes eligible to be included in the reference diet of fruit and vegetables in all the world.
That’s because the dried fruit contains a great source of soluble fiber necessary when dieting. Same with fresh fruit they also have low glycemic index values ​​and can play the main dodge various aspects of metabolic diseases.
With the exception of dried fruit has fiber content also has a high potassium content that is good for the diet. Not only that the dried fruit that contains a variety of bioactive phenolic compounds and specific vitamins and minerals unique to each fruit. Most new news that fruits are also presumed to contain a high content of various types of polyphenols and is currently being researched further. (IAN / Zeenews)

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