Drinking Milk May Raise Body

Q: Dear Doctor, I am a person coed 21 th., With a height of 150 cm, weight 39 kg. I diligently drink two glasses of milk high in calcium everyday, as well as light exercise such as aerobics 2 x one week to protect health. I was not sure myself with my height, because holding me achieve a dream job. At my age now, my body is still high can be added there are any efforts or food can I take to improve my height Thank you. (Alina, 21, via email) A: Dear young women AlinaTinggi person’s body will stop growing at 18 th .. Now it has been 21 years of age Alina., Meaningful development of bone length was over. Until now there has been no proper precautions and can be accounted for by medical means to give high after the body as it grows over. The good thing about some of Aline doing to the health of bodies and bones are: 1. Of the body’s weight and height, Alina including also weighs less because the body has a body mass index (BMI) 17, 3 kg / m2 (normal 18, 522 , 9 kg / m2). J, adi well Alina raise so 4245 kg body weight. The formula to calculate BMI = weight (kg): height (m) 2 2. Consume foods with a complete and balanced nutrition, especially to achieve the maximum bone mass fast so do not take place osteoporosis, such as: * protein, which many found in meat, fish, eggs, tofu, tempeh, kacangkacangan, and so forth. * Calcium in milk, cheese, anchovies, fish, spinach, broccoli, and so forth. * Phosphorus in cheese, cereals, beef, yogurt, and so forth. * Magnesium in fish, fruits, and greens * Vitamin D is found in sunlight, milk, fish, cheese, cereals * vitamin K in spinach, cauliflower, broccoli * mineral Zn lots of seafood, chicken, beef, sausage, and so forth. * Exercise regularly 35 times a week throughout the 30-minute minimum. Congratulations try, yes ….

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