Drinks for Minimizing Stomach

COMPASS. com – In heat like this, a can of cold soda or iced drinks coffee with cream so definitely give freshness. However, due to routine hatihatilah consume these drinks can cause increased body weight. Indeed, we have few options other beverages that do not lose the freshness and can give help to lose weight. 1. Air putihMenjaga body well hydrated so the main time you want to lose weight middle. Drinking enough water will protect the balance of fluids, avoiding fluid retention (most main cause flatulence), and even increase the feeling of fullness so that we can reduce food consumption. If you feel bored with water, give slices of lemon, mint or other fresh fruits into your drinking water. 2. Juice juice semangkaAsalkan is not combined with sugar, watermelon juice beverages that give freshness to get rid of thirst. Watermelon is a natural thirst repellent because of the high water content in the fruit. Another advantage, this fruit contains a lot of nutrients, including lycopene, which can evade cancer as well as the amino acid arginine can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. 3. Ice tea pepermintKombinasi on tea and peppermint has two benefits, give freshness of all help burn fat. Peppermint also have the benefit of helping the body to process high-fat foods such as steak or burger. 4. Tea hijauMinuman is indeed always there on the list of healthy beverages. The content of catechins in it can be demonstrated efficiently break down fat. Consumption cup of green tea before exercise can maximize fat burning system throughout the sport. 5. Milk shake cokelatJangan mistake, chocolate milkshake in fact can help weight loss system by way of reducing the appetite. However, because of the calorie content of these drinks is quite high, namely 400 calories, well do not consume a milkshake coincided with heavy food menu.

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