Exercising regularly has yet Fat Yet it Much

COMPASS. com – you never did not attend practice sekurangkurangnya exercising three times a week with a wide variety of exercises. Yet why body weight remains stagnant and hard body fat content scaled

The specialist in sports Zaini K Saragih expressed so efficiently burn fat all muscle mass, exercise need to be done with the correct amount. When body fat is still much too after doing exercise regularly, the chances of error contained in the amount of exercise done.

The amount of exercise needed Fiit refers to the principle, namely the frequency, intensity, time and type. When you follow these principles so the new exercise will be efficient, he said when interviewed so long ago, in Jakarta.

Exercising is divided into three types, namely aerobic need done 37 times a week with intensity of 5090% maximum heart rate throughout 3060 per session. 2nd Type the rehearsal capabilities need done 23 times a week with the intensity of the 13 sets of 816 reps throughout 1530 minutes per session.

As well as a third type that is streching exercise or stretching can be done everyday with the intensity of 25 repetitions were detained in 1020 seconds tiaptiap movement. Tiaptiap session runs along 515 minutes.

Muscle lipid composition

Body weight down often make it a benchmark for success in sports. But Zaini explained, the level of body weight alone is not enough. Because the body can lose a significant shrinking of the fluid in the body to burn fat instead.

Even a normal body weight is also possible that the fat composition in the body is still high. Although actually good that the more muscle mass than fat, said doctors who’ve joined the team doctor All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) is.

The cause, exercising with the appropriate number need be done so that not only burn fat, but can also increase muscle mass. The more muscle mass, the more calories are burned body.

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