Exposed, causes Reduced Body Weight in Advanced Age

Aging time, not only making the skin so wrinkles or gray hair. In some elderly people, his body weight was also reduced. Why can thus
Some researchers from the College Plymouth found, in fact, older people have more hormones that make satiety. The hormone is a peptide YY. According to researchers, this issue is also what makes some parents do not have the hunger is too excessive, causing many to lose weight.
Some people over the age of 80 years. peptide YY have higher, say researchers such as taken from Dailymail. co. uk.
It will send a sign of hormone in humans when the stomach is fully charged and in the end make a stop eating.
Weight loss in the elderly is often referred to anorexia of aging. This problem is often found in the parents in usiia 80s.
Aging often cause a loss of appetite is anorexia of aging. This can lead to malnutrition, said researcher Mary Hickson.
Regarding the research is done by measuring the hormones 6 healthy women aged over 80 th .. The measurement is done after they had breakfast. Not only peptide YY, researchers also measured ghrelin, a hormone that switch appetite. Kada 2nd hormone was measured at regular intervals throughout the three hours.
Researchers also compared the hormone levels eventually with some healthy people under the age of 80 years. and is divided into three age groups, namely the 2039 th., 4059 th, and 6079 th ..
Finally, the hormones ghrelin elderly with younger ones have similarities. However, the hormone peptide YY in elderly higher added in their appeal at a young age.
Some scientists also want to do further research to see whether the young age slender hormone levels also had higher peptide YY.

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