Free Diet When Wanting As Lifter Sri Wahyu at Rio Olympics

Sri Wahyu Jakarta is Indonesian athletes who successfully contributed to the first medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil th. this. For the winning run regularly lift weights unless of course he also must protect in order to keep a healthy diet as well as powerful.
If you also like in this sport and wanted to be like Sri Wahyu sure you also need a great nutritional intake to the body. But eating too excessive for the purpose of promoting the development of muscle reduce fat mass can give their views and so hinder your physical capabilities.

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To protect the body follow the idea of ​​the following foods that can provide sufficient nutrients to help exercise ability and can give muscle mass without fat in body gives written from Healthyeating Monday (08/08/2016):
1. SarapanSetelah long night’s sleep your muscles also need nutrients. Nutrition fitting breakfast time so the main to power the time to do the exercises and recuperate from exercise first.
Start your day by drinking one liter of cold water to the contents of the fluid lost during the night. Beyond that you should also obtain a complete protein and vegetables in breakfast.
Breakfast is excellent for weightlifting exercises are divided into two eggs that have enhanced Omega-3nya and combined with 1/2 cup egg whites. Cut vegetables including soybeans steamed bawangpaprika and spinach. Then cook the eggs as well as vegetables using olive oil. But when you were practicing intense especially in the morning take two slices of whole wheat bread for additional power.
2. Lunch
The food during the day can be divided into lettuce with chopped vegetables and plus foods that contain protein sources such as chicken breast tuna slices of beef that is not thick some tofu or soy steamed.
Beyond that if the vegetable is still no trace of the breakfast this morning you can provide raw sesame seeds or nuts are lightly coupled with vinaigrette sauce or cream sauce free. But if want to practice in the afternoon you can provide a source of carbohydrates such as fruit or whole grain bread.
3. Sports
According to nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi is currently the most important to give your muscles the nutrients is two hours after the workout. Usually that is often consumed after doing exercise is protein shakes. But the drink must contain at least 20 to 30 grams of protein and 50 to 60 grams of carbohydrates.
4. Dinner
Dinner gives your body the nutrients needed to recover the body of the exercise has been done. Specify enough protein sources such as low-fat steak or salmon. Give lots of steamed vegetables to nourish and cultivate carbohydrates make you slower. Beyond that to avoid eating most of the previous hours sleep a night can help sleep better and increase the added weight recovery as a result of exercise.

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