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Liputan6. comJakarta By doing food combining diet you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight that you become through food. But surely you must know the general character.
Food combining to go from the realization that our bodies do not need the same time to process a variety of types of food. Combined with the foods it does not fit or have gastrointestinal much time together can result in the food not be left in the intestine. This sort of thing can cause abdominal kembungpencernaan who are not working smoothly and no maximum weight.

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As is written of Health on Monday (09/05/2016) The following guide managed to do food combining:
1. Eat fruit first
Fruits will be digested by means of maximal when taken alone this sort of thing because the fruit contains simple sugars that hardly needs to be processed. Combine it with other foods will interfere with the smooth digestion.
Just like when you eat fruit after eating sugar from the fruit will settle in the stomach and fermentation systems because tercernanya so long.
2. Strive not eat protein and carbohydrates at the same
As already explained first consumption of carbohydrates and protein will produce enzymes that are equally cancel the effects of both. This sort of thing will make the food you need so long time for fermentation of undigested and results in your intestines.
To make improvements to this kind of thing try to combine proteins with a calorie-free vegetables such as carrots and carrot greens. Carbohydrates can also you consume with vegetables or food with vegetable proteins such as tofu and tempeh.
3. Eat melon and watermelon on an empty stomach
Have you ever felt bloated stomach due to consumption of melon and watermelon eating after weight Certainly felt it was your stomach is full of gas a little blood sugar naturally decline coupled with a slight feeling of nausea.
This sort of thing because it’s not just melon and watermelon is fruit-meaningful should be taken individually, but they also have a digestive system that is not the same as other sweet foods. In order to be processed by a maximum of watermelons and melons consume on an empty stomach.
4. Eat more green vegetables
Green vegetables can be called that is most excellent food for humans. Not only contains many vitamins and minerals such as amino acids (the wake-up blocks of proteins) vitamin B and magnesium iron and dietary fiber can fit combined with all types of food. Because it would be so nice to include some green vegetable menu of your meals everyday.
5. Fat is good
Although fats and oils fit together diverse types of foods should buahtetap exception of consumption should be limited because they are full of calories and will need a long time to be digested prime. Therefore always give a gap of 4-5 hours between the time you eat when menu in it has a fat content.
6. Distance Time
Because semasing foods require the same time not to be processed sure you give enough time to order all the food out of the stomach and reduce its adverse effects.
The limits when consuming the food that can not be integrated properly. – A heavy meal two hours after eating fruit- consume protein three hours after consumption of carbs and consume carbohydrate-four hours after the consumption of protein.

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