Genetic abnormalities, Body Weight Girl 12 Th. Kids like 2 Th.

COMPASS. com – Kenadie JourdinBromley successfully break the doctor’s verdict that says life can only survive for several days. Petite girl origin of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, it is now 12 years old ..
Kenadie suffering from a rare genetic disorder primordial dwarfism, the problem of development only takes place at Area 100 people in all the world. When you were born, weighing only 1, 4 kg with a length of 28 cm. Because it is so small, a nurse in the hospital also named Kenadie with Thumbelina, the fairy tale figure whose body is so small.
At that time, doctors pronounced Kenadie can only survive on a daily basis. Therefore, a genetic disorder that can cause damage to the natural Kenadie brain, bone fragility and thinness. Kenadie also suffer risk of scoliosis as well as aneurysm.
Kenadie grow with the size of the body so small and like a doll. At the age of 12 yr., Kenadie heft as children age 2 years. with a height of less than 1 mtr .. Even so, Kenadie still perform daily busyness as children age. He went to school, playing with several colleagues, to swim, to ice skating. dock. Dailymail. co. uk Kenadie (12) who suffer primordial dwarfism disorders are so small stature at the age of three weeks. I was so proud at the sight of this activity follow it. It makes me cry, said Kenadie’s mother, Brianne Jourdin.
According Jourdin, Kenadie independent child, have strong willingness and enthusiasm. He is also good-hearted little girl and want share with most people. My hope for tomorrow Kenadie just makes him like, can find some things that make him happy and smiling, said Jourdin.
Until now there has been no effective treatment for primordial dwarfism. Therefore, this is not a rare disorder caused by growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone not make the patient’s body grow normal primordial dwarfism.

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