How To Enlarge Breasts Naturally Quickly And Easily

Do not be embarrassed and insecure about your breast condition. Surely you also want a bigger and beautiful breasts after seeing the Hollywood actress who has a good breasts, right? In any case, larger breasts are better – especially for breasts – and having bigger breasts can easily attract men’s attention. You deserve and deserve to boast of your body.

Silicone implants in the breast and binding of the breast with fat, it can give your chest cup size you want instantly, but has risks and shortcomings. The question is, are you ready to undergo a scalpel procedure on your body and be prepared to endure the consequences? If you are not ready, then here are some useful tips on how to enlarge breasts naturally
How to enlarge breasts quickly:
1. Food that is able to stimulate the production of the hormone estrogen (female sexual hormone). Namely contained in:

Long beans
Dried apricots
Sesame seeds

If you regularly consume the foods above, then the food will be able to help to stimulate the growth of tissues in your breast, which will serve to enlarge the breasts naturally.
2. Mask for natural breast massage.

You can use natural ingredients contained in:

Red onion
Fish oil (open the layer first, then apply directly on the breast)
Vitamin E (open the layer first, then apply directly on the breast)
Long beans
Fennel seeds

The above ingredients can be used as a mask to raise the breasts naturally and quickly


Choose only one of the materials above.
Wash it first, then peel the skin.
Blend first with mashing (blending)
After the ingredients become smooth as a paste, apply the mask by applying it evenly on all parts of the breast (avoid the nipple because it will cause a sense of pain).
Do the massage gently, then leave for 15 minutes while waiting for it to dry.
Take care as usual.
It is recommended to do maintenance 3 times a week.

3. How to enlarge breasts with your own other hand is to do the massage on the part of your breast.

This massage serves to smooth blood circulation, stimulate hormones and also will prevent the formation of toxins in the breast so that makes your breasts become more healthy, plump and toned.
You can use these ingredients as a lubricant for breast massage, olive oil, oil, baby oil or serum.
Perform massage gently and slowly with a circular motion for 15-20 minutes.
Treat it 2 to 3 times a week

4. Health drinks from natural ingredients as a way of natural breast enlargement.

You can consume a drink that comes from a mixture of pure milk and ginger.


Provide one ginger, then burned.
Enter the grilled ginger in pure milk (without sugar), then drink.

5. Betel leaf

Natural way to enlarge breasts using this natural ingredient:

Prepare the betel leaf to taste, mixed with coconut oil.
Then burn it. Then wait until it cools.
Then put the mixture on the breast and wait until dry.
Repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times in one session.

6. Aloe vera

How to enlarge breasts naturally using aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that is well known for its benefits to care for skin beauty. Natural ingredients that exist in it is able to tighten the skin, also the skin on the breast. Doing massage on the breast by using aloe vera gel will be able to tighten the breasts, because the gel will seep into the skin and work through the inside.
Treatment is done routinely able to accelerate the process of regeneration of cells in your breast.

7. Almond oil

You can also use almond oil as a way to enlarge breasts.
Breast massage using almond oil will accelerate the blood circulation in the breast. When the blood circulation smoothly, then the blood vessels in the breasts are able to grow so that will tighten and enlarge the size of the breast.
8. Cucumber and egg yolks

According to research that has been done by beauty experts, cucumber is very useful to care for skin beauty. While the yolk which is a source of minerals and nutrients, is also useful to treat the beauty of the skin.

Both natural ingredients above can provide beneficial nutrients to accelerate the growth of muscle tissue under the skin. The use is to tighten


Solve 1 egg (take the yolk only)
Peel enough cucumber.
Mix the egg yolk and cucumber, then blender them both until soft
Apply the mask on your breast.
Massage your breasts with the direction from the outside to the inside
Let stand for 30 minutes
Wash and clean your breasts.
Do this treatment every morning and night.

That’s the tips and how to enlarge the breasts naturally quickly. May be useful.

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