Interested in the Detox Diet? It’s Its Price Range

Natural detox program does occur in every organ of the human heart. However, it is now a lot of 'help' by using a supplement that is claimed not a product abal-abal.
How not, the expenses incurred for a program alone there are reaching millions. smart detox Here is a list of price range supplements and also detox products that are widely known by the community that can be a comparison, as detikHealth already summarized from various sources, Wednesday (24/4/2013):
1. Leptin Weight Loss DRIED PLUM
Price Rp 90.000 / buah.
Consume 15 sachets for 15 days of consumption
Composition: dried plum fruit, active lactobacullus, lotus leaves, puerh tea leaves.
Terms and Conditions:
- Consume 1 pack after dinner (like eating dessert)
- Drink 2 liters of water a day
- This product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women
- For ages 18 - 60 years
- Not suitable for people who have bowel / digestive disorders
- This product is not made to cure the disease.
2. Smart Detox
Ultimate package (for up to 40 Days) = Rp 8,500,000
Package full pack (for maximum 20 days) = Rp 4.500.000
2-3-2 Program. 2 days consume half portion of food 3 days then fasting last 2 days then reset the initial pattern.
3. Herbalife
- Nutrition Shake Formula 1 = Rp 352.000 (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry).
- Fiber & Herbs Tablets (tablet detox) = Rp 1,000, fill 80 tablets for 1 month usage.
- Lipo Bond Tablet (fat blocker) = Rp 276.000, fill 90 tablets.
- Cell U Loss Tablet = Rp 206.000, contents 90 tablets.
- Herbal Aloe Concentrate (to cleanse the digestive tract) = Rp340.000, - content 473 ml.
Well, what about a natural detox? Maybe you can arrange it according to the funds in your pocket. Well, before doing detox, either natural mauoun with the help of supplements, you should consult first with a competent doctor. Because the condition of each person is different so require different detox.

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