Kissing Does Not Transmit TB

Tuberculosis (TB or tuberculosis) is a serious disease that is contagious but actually can be treated. Many people think this disease can be transmitted through a kiss, when in fact TB is not transmitted through a kiss.
"As long as the kiss does not cough, the tuberculosis is not contagious, so if you want to kiss do not cough," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama SpP (K), MARS, DTM & H , DTCE, in a media gathering event about the achievement of MDGs for tuberculosis at the Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Friday (17/12/2010).
Prof Tjandra said this because the germs that cause tuberculosis are not found in the saliva. But it is in the sputum that can come out when a person coughs.
There are 3 things that must be understood by ciri-ciri penyakit tbc the community about tuberculosis, namely:
Infectious diseases directly, in this case from person to person and not through goods or other animals as intermediaries. Therefore it is not transmitted through the same drinking glass.
The disease is caused by the TB bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and not a result of frequent night out. The possibility of frequent night out will make the body's resistance decrease, so the germs more easily enter.
Most of these TB germs attack the lung organ, but there are also about other organs and the number is not much.
"To detect this tuberculosis the number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria must be more than 5,000, because if under 5000 is not visible so sometimes not detected," said Prof. Tjandra.
A common symptom of tuberculosis in an adult is a persistent cough and phlegm for 2 weeks or more.
Patients who attacked the TB germs will usually have a fever but not too high that lasts longer, usually felt at night with night sweats. Sometimes fever attacks such as influenza and disappear are present.
TB bacteria is a very strong bacillus bacteria that it takes a long time to treat it, therefore it takes adherence in taking anti tuberculosis drug so that does not happen MDR-TB (multidrug resistant tuberculosis).
Factors that cause TB include: Unhygienic environment. Tuberculosis spread rapidly to less ventilated, narrow and regrettable residences, and therefore high transmission rates were present in crowded and squalid environments. Lack of access to medical care, either due to economic incapacity or ignorance. This condition makes him not get enough medical action that worsen the spread. The decline of immunity. If the immune system is working properly, then white blood cells will become bulwarks of bacterial tuberculosis. But if the immune system is reduced, the germs will be easier to enter the body. Contact with other TB patients. If living with an active tuberculosis patient who does not get treatment will make the risk of contracting higher, both in the family environment or colleagues. Gender and age. Generally male and adult sex are more at risk of developing tuberculosis. Alcohol and drug abuse. Consumption of alcohol and drugs can weaken the immune system so it is more easily infected. Diet that is too tight. If someone is on a strict diet, then he is not getting enough nutritional intake and lack of caloric consumption that makes him at high risk of tuberculosis. Living or working in a TBC care facility. This group is at risk of contracting tuberculosis, so use a mask and often wash hands to reduce the risk of contracting.

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