Let’s Avoid These 7 Bad Habits That Keep Kidneys Healthy

INSIDE the body many important organs that must be maintained health to work according to its function. One of the vital organs is the kidney. This organ has a role as filter poison and dirt in the body, regulate the level of calcium, phosphate and so on.

But the function will not work properly if the kidney is damaged or unhealthy. Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of kidney damage, better avoid bad habits such as the consumption of drugs in large quantities, processed foods in excess, and smoking.

As reported from Boldsky Saturday (10/3/2018) following his review:

1. Excessive consumption of drugs

Medications such as muscle aches do reduce pain and pain but can damage the kidneys. It will get worse if you have kidney disease. So reduce the consumption of these drugs.

Fast-food preparations contain phosphorus and sodium. For people with kidney disease should limit foods containing phosphorus. This is demonstrated by a study that consuming highly processed foods high in phosphorus will cause kidney damage.

3. Less water consumption

If your body is hydrated, it will help cleanse toxins in the body. Drinking enough water will prevent kidney stone disease. But for people suffering from kidney failure should limit the fluid that enters the body.

4. Eat lots of meat

Meat contains animal protein is very good for the body. But if you consume it on a large scale will lead to acidosis or increase the acid in the blood that can damage the kidneys work.

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