Never Do This During Dehydration

Once you hear the word dehydration, you must immediately think about the reduced intensity to drink water. And you instantly increase the amount of drinking water consumption.

Yet in addition to these actions, here are other things you should not do while being dehydrated. The following tips are quoted from

Consumption of spicy foods
Not only make heartburn or diarrhea, spicy foods can also be the cause of dehydration. Because this food will increase body temperature inside and make loss of body fluids.

Sit in air-conditioned room for a long time
Did you know that sitting in an air-conditioned room can aggravate dehydration? This is because cold temperatures will steal moisture from the body and cause dehydration.

Drinking tea or coffee
When you are dehydrated, it’s good not to drink tea or coffee first. Because this drink can worsen the existing conditions.

Excessive exercise
Sports do make healthy. However, excessive exercise can exacerbate the existing dehydration.

Drinking alcohol
Alcoholic beverages are known to be diuretic, which will increase fluid expenditure in the body. So avoid this drink while being dehydrated.

In addition to increased water consumption, eating fruits or vegetables high in water can improve your dehydras condition

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