Recognizing the ciplukan of the Rich Will Benefit

No one thinks if this one cute fruit really big benefits. The taste of a fresh sweet sweet red yellow looks pretty seductive. Not just delicious just eaten, but it turns out the benefits of Ciplukan fruit for health there. In some places, this one plant is so famous. Often found in paddy fields or fields. This plant is one type of wild plants that are easy to find everywhere. Ciplukan plants produce fruit with red or yellowish when it is ripe.
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Appearance of this ciplukan fruit round shrouded with green petals. Ciplukan trees can not be high maximum only 30 inches. In a number of certain traditional markets in Java, these fruits are sold as well as other types of fruit. The taste is sweet, wry and fresh. If chewed, there is water that comes out refreshing. Flora with scientific name Physallisa angulata L has cytotoxic properties and can inhibit the development of cancer cells in the body. Based on the exposure of some experts, Ciplukan fruit contains ingredients that can work for anti-cancer. Benefits of fruit Ciplukan in the form of extract is suspected to suppress the rate of development of cancer cells leukemia, breast and lung cancer.

Not only the fruit is useful, leaves and stalks of this plant is also expected to help reduce blood sugar levels. In this plant found flavonoid compounds that play a role in reducing the concentration of high sugar in the blood for people with diabetes. Ciplukan fruit and plants have a large flavonoid content ranging from 4% per 100 grams. In addition, some other compounds are also found: Chlorogenik Acid, C27H440-H20, Citric Acid, Fisalin, Malate Acid, Alkaloid, Tanin, Cryptoxantin, Vitamin C and sugar.

Benefits of Ciplukan fruit to cure diabetes mellitus can be obtained by preparing plants Ciplukan with fruit as well as roots. Wash off the ground, especially in the root section. Leave until slightly wilted and then boiled with 3 cups water to boiling and only remaining 1 cup water. After cooling slightly, strain and drink once a day 1 cup.

Benefits of fruit Ciplukan for other health can also to cure epilepsy or epilepsy disorders. How to make the potion is to consume 10 Ciplukan fruit every day regularly. While to cure rheumatic symptoms can take all parts of the plant. How to use that is by boiling 10 grams of fruit Ciplukan dry with water 3 cups until just leaving half alone. Next after a little warm herb filtered and drunk as much as 1/2 cup a day. So that potion can be drunk for 3 days. Store un-drunk potions in the refrigerator for durability.

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